Top Press Release Template For Newsworthy Stories

Press Release Templates

A press release template is important for each of your story angles. Our templates range from standard press releases to events, launches, news, and awards among others.

Below, we have the best press release template for each of your announcement needs to guide you through the process of writing yours. Remember, if it looks difficult you should not be too worried about it, just pick a Pressfarm package from our pricing page and let us do the rest of the work for you and your company.[1]

Pressfarm’s packages are tailored to making your press release efforts a success. In our starter plan, we improve your written press release and give it the best chance at distribution by us. In the launch and campaign packages we take the writing off your desk, take charge of crafting your press release and shooting for the stars with it. This works hand in hand with building a custom media list for personalized media outreach for your brand. That way, in the campaign package we kill many birds with just one stone at affordable startup-focused pricing.[2]


[Company Name]
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]



[Optional Subhead {*Title Case / Italicized*}]

Dateline: [CITY, STATE, Month Date] — Lead: [Briefly and explicitly state the information you need to share. Include who, what, when, where, why, and how and lead with the most important information.]

Body paragraphs: [Background information, rich quotes, etc.]

[Call to Action]

This press release template includes space to accommodate all the necessary aspects of a standard business press release. Insert your company logo, and provide contact information, release date/time instructions, a direct, engaging headline, boilerplate text, a call to action (CTA), and end notation. Of course, make sure that you write in a journalistic style (perhaps following the AP guide, though The Chicago Manual of Style, APA, MLA, and others are acceptable) and include all the pertinent information without overwhelming your audience.

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