Top Press Release Template For Newsworthy Stories

[City, State] – [Social Media Outlet] will [description of what the outlet is doing], which will [details on what this will do and/or who it will target], starting on [date].

[Details about what consumers can expect from this update/news.]
[Background information or a specific story about the update.]
[CTA: For example, a follow-up or walk-through of the functional update.]


If you need to create a formal announcement about a social media update, such as a new feature or channel, download this template. The body paragraphs in this type of press release will include background information on the social media outlet, as well as detailed information on the update. If you plan to circulate the press release online, include links to your social media accounts or a new functionality walkthrough. Of course, you can customize the copy as you see fit.



[Company Name]
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]


[Headline: {Company/Employee} Wins {Award Name} Award for {Year/Month’s} Top {Category}]

[City, State, Date] – [Company/Employee] was presented with the prestigious [Name] Award on [Day] for outstanding [Category/Accomplishment]. [Company/Individual] received recognition over [Number/Names of Nominees].

[Brief background of award’s history and summary of ceremony]
[Rich quote from someone related to the award: presenter, recipient, judging committee, etc.]
[Quotation from {Company Executive} congratulating {Individual/Organization} for winning]
[Boilerplate about winning {Company/Employee}]


One way to generate buzz about your organization — outside of its products or services — is to report on awards it receives. Use this award press release template to create a news blast about a prize or recognition that a company, department, team, or individual receives for its efforts. Sample copy is included for you to flesh out the particulars of the award, and you can customize the template to suit your needs.

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